02-11-2018 Thylander Gruppen

Solveig Rannje becomes partner at Thylander Gruppen

Thylander Gruppen has recruited one of Denmark’s most experienced property profiles, Solveig Rannje, as Property Director and Partner.

Solveig Rannje has a long-standing career in the real estate industry, with top positions in PFA Ejendomme, FS Ejendomme and most recently as Property Director of SEB Pension.

She will be responsible for asset management activities in Thylander Gruppen, including the operation and development of properties owned by the company. There are currently 83 properties with an area of approx. 500,000 m2 and a market value of approx. 8 billion kr.

Thylander Gruppen is a partner-driven company established in 1986. The partner group includes Founder Lars Thylander, Lawyer Carsten Viggo Bæk, Director Christian Ellegaard, Deputy Director Nils Thygesen, Investment Director Henrik Køhn, and finally Property Director Solveig Rannje.